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This add-on will give you a BLS healthcare Provider card in addition to your primary ACLS or PALS card. It does require that you complete the BLS part 1 online portion. The online keycode and directions are included. The BLS check-off will be included on the same day you take the primary ACLS or PALS course. You must bring your online BLS completion certificate to class in order to be checked off on the BLS skills. This is an easy way to get both cards at the same time!

Do not buy this product if you are not scheduled for an ACLS or PALS class with us. We do not sell BLS products as a stand alone purchase and will not do isolated BLS checkoffs.

This is the Online portion of your BLS course held on 8/19/19. Please complete the online portion & bring the certificate with you to class. 

You SHOULD NOT retake the test if you do not pass.  Report to room T550 at 12pm on 8/19 for a review, remediation with the course faculty prior to taking the re-test. Bring your computer to retake the online test/remediation prior to the training.

 If you have an account code, please type it in the promo code box and hit <enter> in order for it to be accepted.